Public Website Launched

The FFWPU-UK Public Website Has Launched! [Announcement]

On Sunday 12th April, a new public website for FFWPU-UK was launched to provide the movement with an inclusive online platform.

The new website aims to specially allow for public engagement with our movement. The site will feature a variety of video content and encourage the public to further engage with our movement.

We are eager to obtain feedback on the new website to ensure that we’re working in the right direction, so we would be grateful if you could fill out the online feedback form. Please note that it is not finished, so some content may be missing.

The development of a separate community website for FFWPU-UK, set to replace the current FFWPU-UK site, is underway and will be launched within 2020.

The need for a new website was brought to attention as the current site fails to efficiently meet the needs of both the membership and the general public.

For more information on the upcoming websites, please contact either: or

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